Still, life photography is an art that gives freedom in terms of creativity and exploration to the creator. You provide a design statement to the object through correct lighting composition and framing. It usually deals with inanimate and monotonous objects which have no purpose. For instance, a bunch of vegetables and fruits in a basket will serve no sense to you. However, it will be valued by a still-life photographer. You want to know why? 

Well, it gives him a reason to be more artistic. He takes that blunt object and breathes life into it to make it enjoyable. Still, life photography gives him the means to become a better photographer. 

I have enlisted four riveting ways through which still life photography can make you a better photographer.

  1. Control on the subject

In still photography, you have the power over the subject. You can bend it, twist it, according to your imagination—for example, a fruit basket. You can play around with this basket with different lighting, arrangement, and composition. You will be able to create exciting and mind-boggling still shots.

  1. Leeway of expression

Still, life shots offer you the creative freedom of expression. You can express yourself in numerous ways through your photography. You can develop a story or a concept through your still shots. For example, a shot of a chained doll wearing a bridal dress will reflect on the idea of how girls get married at a young age with no prospect of education.

  1. New skills to learn

Since in still life photography, you experiment with new techniques, you develop new skills. You learn something with each experience. You put those skills to use by delivering the most delicate still shots. For instance, you discovered a new way of capturing a shot with lighting fixed on the center.

  1. Finding your style

When you work as a still photographer, with each new experience, you develop a style. A style that you can instill in each photograph to get recognized. Once your style gets recognized, there is no looking back. You will grab more attention, hence, more work opportunities for you.