Photographs are the precious beholding which saves the memories of a day for the rest of our life. Everyone have their own dreams about their wedding and without photography, a wedding is totally incomplete. For wedding photography long island, wedding photography is not about just capturing photos of a couple but it’s about saving the pictures of their big day in a way which can mesmerize the ones who see it even after years of the wedding. Let us prove this by taking you throw a wedding photoshoot done by our team for our beloved couple Jones and Lily!

Our clients also have their own fairytale shoot fantasies for their big day. They appointed us weeks before their marriage and discussed what their dreamy photoshoot looks like and on their wedding day, we make sure to turn it into a real one! It was a beautiful bright day with perfect sunlight and light breeze. Our team reached the wedding venue and the journey for the day started. We began with capturing the pictures of the guests entering the venue with such happiness and excitement which depicted how much the wedding was important for every single guest out there. After that, we captured solo shoots for the groom while he was waiting for the bride in the aisle and when the bridesmaid started to came up, our team geared up and spread around the venue. We captured every moment from the entrance of our lovely bride lily to our couple completing their vows, exchanging their rings and who can forget the final kiss as husband and wife! With our focus and dedication, we saved every memory in a beautiful and candid way which looked beyond perfect to everyone who saw it. After that, the meal was served and we made sure to cover that time too. Our team began by capturing appealing shots of the tasty meals with different beautiful candid pictures of the guests enjoying it to the fullest.

A wedding ceremony is incomplete without the dance party and it started with the couple dance for which we saved their beautiful dance moves in our cameras in a way that the pictures themselves are able to convey the mesmerizing love story of our couple without any need of words. After the couple, everyone showed up on dance floor and the venue was filled with energy and excitement. Our team covered all the guest, with all the energy vibes that were on the dance floor at that time. Everyone was happy and we made sure to capture every smile for that day! When the goodbye time came up, we saved the memories of our couple walking down the aisle, then sitting in to the beautifully decorated car having a heart shaped bouquet with a note of ‘just married’ written on it. Wedding is an event that happens to be a once in a lifetime moment for most of the people and that is why, the memories of that day matters a lot and we think the same. For us, the wedding day memories of our clients are as important as they are to our clients themselves and we make sure to give our one hundred percent efforts in capturing every single memory of their big day.

On the wedding day of Jones and lily, we covered every phase of the wedding, from the arriving of the guests to the graceful portraits of our couple in a way that everyone can depict what a lovely and memorable day it was and can see the love story of our couple too through the pictures. Our main goal is to save the wedding memories of our clients with a touch of their dreams and our innovative themes so that the pictures remain alive even after years of marriage. We did the same for jones and lily too, which resulted in extreme satisfaction and happiness from our work. And we promise to do so forever and for everyone!