Project Description

The quality of our work is expressed by the passion, dynamism and energy we invest in it. More than services, we offer experiences, tailor-made solutions and innovations based on rigor and precision. Such a service that is testified by our client. Our team puts all its knowledge and know-how to support our client, because each project is unique and deserves the best we have to offer. We believe that engagement photography is one of the most important parts of planning a wedding and this shows in the services by the portrait of our client. We truly believe in developing a relationship with our clients prior to their wedding. Simple looks and simple actions can produce very powerful images. Our long-time experience as photographers allows us to give direction to help couples comfortably pose to make each shot stunning.
On our client’s engagement our exclusive team:
Built an amiable connection with our client to get them comfortable with our team
Guaranteed breathtaking documentation of their big day
Gave our services thinking that the engagement sessions are an essential step in the wedding photography process
Priced our client’s engagement session quite competitively
Made our client comfortable in front of the camera
Had a conversation with our clients prior to the photography session to know their favorite poses
Ensured the client of a professional portrait session



We have so many great memories, fantastic photos taken by you. You did such a great job. Thank you so much for the wonderful photographs of our engagement day and making us and our guests so comfortable.” The session was a memorable experience in itself. Our photographers are absolutely spectacular and no matter how many times we have looked at them since; we always comment on how lucky we were to have taken them. There are some absolutely beautiful photographs capturing us with the mountains and trees where we got married which could easily be in a magazine. In fact, we both have wedding photographers in the family and even they have commented on how stunning our wedding pictures are. We’ve had a tough time picking out our favorite pictures to put up because there are so many!

Andre Haynes