Absolutely blown away by Shah’s photography skills, he literally blew me away. He came on time for my wedding. He has AMAZING photo skills and photos came out so amazing. He has an awesome personality which is why even the guests had their fun with him, he wasn’t refusing to take more photos. There are a lot of photos we ended up keeping only because the photographer was very good at his profession. Glad to say we were very impressed by his skills and definitely will recommend him to anyone who is looking for a good photographer. We will contact him again in the future for any future professional photos 🙂 ❤️

Meshi Faro

They are very professional, responsive and know their work. They made our moments memorable.

Muhammad Atif

Shah was such a delight to work with. Not only was he professional, he was considerate and paid attention to every single detail to ensure that our wedding photos turn our memorable. Very reasonably priced in my opinion as well.

Humma Humma

Pakistani Wedding Photographs are great to work with. I had a wonderful experience working with them. They were professional, communicative and came up with many creative ideas. Though my son was camera shy, they managed to capture many awesome pictures I didn’t even know they happened. I appreciate their enthusiasm and patience level. we get to choose the deals which suit our budget too. I strongly recommend Pakistani Wedding Photographers not just for weddings but for all kinds of occasions

madhavy nambiar

I hired Shahjahan for my wedding ceremony back in July. He was professional and patient with all of our needs. Video and photos were delivered on time and everyone loved them especially the video. Thank you so much being a part on our big day. I highly recommend you for anyone looking to get wedding photography service.

Farjana Chowdhury